Communications and Brand Strategy, Photography and Videography specializes in producing dynamic, high-quality photography that reflects the MSU brand style and meets the needs of the campus community.

The digital collections showcased on this site feature the people, places, activities, and work of MSU. They are divided into four galleries:

  • Complimentary Photos: A selection of traditional MSU images that may be downloaded at no cost.
  • News: Images related to MSU news stories that may be downloaded at no cost.
  • MSU Images: A large, collection of MSU images that may be downloaded at no cost by MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members responsible for marketing and communications for their units. A coupon code is required for free downloading. For details visit “About”
  • Weekly Galleries: A collection of weekly featured photos that may be downloaded at no cost by MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members. For details visit “About”.

Prints (up to 11X14 inches) of all images on this website may be purchased by hovering your mouse over the left side of the image and selecting “Buy.” Downloaded images are not intended for reproduction by individual campus units, using office or large format printers. Ordering prints maintains the integrity of the original image. Prints, which will be delivered to your door, are not to be used for resale.

Client Registration: Registering for a free account allows the user to access their order history, ability to save the Shopping Cart and favorites folder,faster checkout in the future, and adds the registered email to a list for future specials and offers.

Contact CABS, Photo and Video to order larger prints, for rates and usage guidelines, and about commercial use: e-mail; call (517) 355-7505; or write to Photography & Video Services, Olds Hall 408 W. Circle Drive Room 311, East Lansing, MI 48824

For additional information visit “Services” or the Communications and Brand Strategy website.

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13.Jual Furniture Murah(non-registered)
<a title="Box Bayi" href="">Box bayi</a>
<a title="Daybed/Bale Bale" href="">Daybed/Bale Bale</a>
<a title="Gazebo" href="">Gazebo </a>
<a title="Kitchen Set" href="">Kitchen Set</a>
<a title="Kursi Makan Minimalis" href="">Kursi Makan Mininmalis</a>
<a title="Kursi Raja Dan Princes" href="">Kursi Raja Dan Princes</a>
<a title="Kursi Tamu Sudut" href="">Kursi Tamu Sudut</a>
<a title="Kursi Teras" href="">Kursi Teras</a>
<a title="Lemari Jam" href="">Lemari Jam</a>
<a title="Lemari Tv" href="">Lemari TV</a>
<a title="Meja Belajar" href="">Meja Belajar </a>
<a title="Meja Kantor" href="">Meja Kantor</a>
<a title="Meja Kerja" href="">Meja Kerja</a>
<a title="Meja Makan Mewah" href="">Meja Makan Mewah </a>
<a title="Meja Rias" href="">Meja Rias</a>
<a title="Mimbar" href="">Mimbar</a>;
<a title="Set Kamar Tidur Anak" href="">Set Kamar Tidur Anak</a>
<a title="Set Kamar Tidur Antik" href="">Set Kamar Tidur Antik</a>
<a title="Set Kursi Tamu Mewah" href="">Set Kursi Tamu Mewah</a>
<a title="Set Meja Makan Klasik" href="">Set Meja Makan Klasik</a>
<p style="text-align: left;"><a title="Tempat Tidur Anak" href="">Tempat Tidur Anak</a></p>
<a title="Tempat Tidur Anak Tingkat" href="">Tempat Tidur Anak Tingkat</a>
<a title="Tempat Tidur Minimalis" href="">Tempat Tidur Minimalis</a>
<a title="Tempat Tidur Rococo" href="">Tempat Tidur Rococo</a>
12.toko lemari(non-registered)
toko lemari online menjual berbagai aneka lemari berkualitas
11.Information Centro(non-registered)
Photography is a hobby that I cannot resist. And looking at the photos here makes me want to go somewhere to take one.
10.Dmitri Markine -Photographer(non-registered)
As a photographer, it's grea to see pictures. Wish there were more of them though.
9.Tom Knape(non-registered)
Does anyone have the picture of me holding my "BIGGIE" + "DUFFY" SPARTAN flag from the IOWA game?
I was holding over the railing in Section 18 before the game. I like to get a copy
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